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During this time of viral crises we are having to make adjustments in how we receive and service our clients.  Because we are still in the midst of a pandemic it is important to take every precaution possible to limit the spread of the virus.

All clients must provide their own face masks. Stylists will also wear masks and nitrile gloves throughout the hair care treatment. The only exceptions are customers getting a service, like a shave, where their faces have to be visible. Customers should have their masks on immediately before and after the service. Spacing between stations has already been spread out. 

Appointment schedules have been spaced out in 2-hour increments.
This allows more time between appointments for proper cleanup, sanitation and preparation.

We will no longer accept cash for payment of services but rather ask clients to be prepared to submit payment via credit/debit card.

We will have hand sanitizer readily available for usage. We will screen all workers and customers at the door for high temperature and other potential symptoms. Workers can refuse to serve anybody they suspect to be sick or contagious.

Clients cannot bring any extra people to their appointment, including children.

We may offer virtual consultation before appointments to cut the time the client will be in the building.

Coronavirus: About Us
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