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"Undetectables" Full Lace Wigs

Exclusively At The Hair Palace Salon

We now offer custom-designed and styled full-lace and front-lace wigs.  These are the latest and best in hair attire and are extremely comfortable and best of all - only your hairdresser knows for sure!  These wigs are undetectable to the untrained eye and will give you years of beautiful and endearing wear.  Custom fitted and custom styled by Barry Fletcher, they will be perfectly tailored to your personality.

We'll not only recommend the perfect wig for you but also utilize state-of-the-art software to give you a preview of how fantastic you'll look when its done.  We custom style each wig and tailor it to your personality.  Personalized service from start to finish!  The Barry Fletcher Undetectable Full Lace Wigs are made from the best quality Indian Remy human hair with a lightweight, breathable circulate, stretch nylon, and spandex stretch-fit.

Black Women, young-to-mid-age, exhibit an over-whelming preoccupation with their hair and, sadly, in their later years with the lack thereof. Everything in our lives affects our hair, for better or worse, ‘till death do us part. Our hair is the single most popular part of our anatomy. It affects our psyche. The way our hair looks, feels, moves and smells can determine our day … heaven or hell?
For that profound beauty that’s truly yours, don’t just trust anybody, go with a proven authority, a hair-care expert.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a solution for thinning, breaking, hair loss, fashion accessory or change.  A good wig can allow you the comfort of being you and more of you, give your hair a break and also allow you an opportunity to try some new looks.

There are many ways to wear and have wigs customized depending on the texture, color, cut, length and the amount of time you wish to wear them. There are varying ways to apply or assemble a wig or hair piece. The choices range from gluing, taping, stitching, pinning, clamping, to just having a perfect fit which wouldn’t require any extra preparation. The prices range from $500 and up depending on length and the personalizing process. We also provide clip-on tracks for extra thickness and length and crowns and closures for people who have bald spots. The UNDETECTABLES are excellent for cancer patients or people who have lost their hair from chemotherapy or alopecia.

I decided to start my line of wigs after carefully studying options for hair additions, weaves, braids, glue and fusion. What I discovered was, wigs with light bases were less likely to cause any further damage to your hair and gave the best opportunities to keep your hair healthy while growing it out or protecting it from the elements and environment. That said … it’s also less expensive.

When you think about the time, money and damage afflicted on your hair from a weave, you would be better advised to try a good wig. Here’s the prognosis, just braiding your hair the same way can cause thinning after a period of time. Now add human or synthetic hair and stitch a track, then stitch a weft to it. Chances are, you would’ve placed tremendous tension on your hair and scalp, in addition to the fact that the chemicals used to process the added hair will have a chance to seep over into your hair. The average professional weave will cost at least $300 not including the hair, which may cost $100 to $200. Within four to six weeks you should be taking it out and giving your hair and scalp a two week break, for health reasons. That may mean buying the hair again however, wearing a wig that cost $600 would just require shampooing and restyling. A wig collection could last for years if properly cared for … it works for Tyra Banks and Beyonce … for much more than $600. My UNDETECTABLES WIGS are safe, very light allowing your scalp to breath, easily applied & removed, with unbelievably natural hair textures.

Come and witness for yourself the new revolution in hair.

Where Healthy Hair Begins!

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